TransLaw Research Group - Exploring Legal Interpreting Processes and Societal & Technological Developments

The TransLaw Research Group is active in the Centre of Translation Studies' key research area "Translation and transcultural communication in social, institutional and media contexts". The focus is on societal and technological developments as well as interactional and interpreting processes in the context of institutional interpreting, especially for courts and public services.

Drawing on procedural law and incorporating theories and methods from the social sciences, the group studies the interaction between interpreting processes and social developments, as well as the use and impact of technology on interpreting processes and products.




Future court interpreters and translators - legal interpreting and translating with new media!

In two semesters, the participants are prepared for professional assignments in particularly sensitive areas such as family law, asylum proceedings,...

The Postgraduate Center of the University of Vienna offers a new specialisation for translators and interpreters working with Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, English and Russian

Interpreting and translating for courts and public service institutions is a highly qualified activity that requires special expertise.


New postgraduate program on interpreting and translating for courts and public service institutions starts in autumn 2022

The certificate course offers a high-quality specialization in translation and interpreting in public institutions and, in particular, at court.

Broadcasting on Diplomatic and Political Interpreting - Die Torwächter*innen des Dialogs

Mira Kadrić and Sylvi Rennert talk about diplomatic and political interpreting in the radio programme Ö1

Interpreting for victims in criminal proceedings - Monika Stempkowski and Ivana Havelka at the 21st ESC

Monika Stempkowski and Ivana Havelka will be presenting on interpreting services for victims in criminal proceedings from a transdisciplinary...

Jubilee publication "Dolmetschen als Dienst am Menschen" dedicated to Mira Kadrić

The jubilee publication "Dolmetschen als Dienst am Menschen", celebrating the work and dedication to interpreting studies of Mira Kadrić, was...