TransLaw Research Group - Exploring Legal Interpreting Processes and Societal & Technological Developments

The TransLaw Research Group is active in the Centre of Translation Studies' key research area "Translation and transcultural communication in social, institutional and media contexts". The focus is on societal and technological developments as well as interactional and interpreting processes in the context of institutional interpreting, especially for courts and public services.

Drawing on procedural law and incorporating theories and methods from the social sciences, the group studies the interaction between interpreting processes and social developments, as well as the use and impact of technology on interpreting processes and products.




Interpreting with new media

A new course on interpreting with new media is starting in November

Magazin KOSMO: Children as interpreters

Interview with Mira Kadric on children as interpreters

TV broadcast on lay police interpreters

OFR broadcast Heimat fremde Heimat: Laiendolmetschen bei der Polizei

uni:view Magazin: Book of the month

Interview with Mira Kadric in uni:view Magazin